Threads, Lacing and Thonging

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Kangaroo Leather Thonging

Whites / Foils


Made from genuine kangaroo leather, this is the hardest wearing and strongest thonging around.

Available in a variety of colours in widths of 2mm, 3mm and 4.7mm and in lengths up to 100m. Contact us for more details.

Sewing Awl Thread

 Sewing Awl Thread - Great strength and consistency for hand stitching.

Black 1205-01
Brown 1205-02
White 1205-03
Natural 1205-04
Black 1204-01
Brown 1204-02
White 1204-03
Natural 1204-04

Waxed Linen Thread

 - Waxed for extra strength and ideal for hand stitching.

Black 11207-01
Brown 11207-03
Natural 11207-02


Nylon Thread

Black 56275-001
Brown 56275-002
White 56275-003

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