Pig Suede

We are currently offering our grain on Pig Suede at the price of $3.75 sqft inc. GST. 

We have many bright colours as well as earthy shades to offer. They include Black, Browns, Purple, Green, Dark Pink and the other colours pictured.

Pig Suede is mainly used for garment making such as jackets, skirts and vests. It also makes great bags.

With a lovely nap and beautiful soft feel, at this bargain price we are sure you will find many ways to use it.

Please view our colour selection below and contact us if you would like us to send samples.




Printed Pig Leathers


$6.05 per SQFT inc. GST
Average - 12- 18 SQFT

These digitally printed skins have a very soft hand feel perfect for garment work or as a top end lining for bags and clutches.

Pig Lining Leathers


$2.70 inc. GST per SQFT
Average -14 - 18 SQFT

With a tightly sealed face, these skins are perfect for shoe and bag lining at a very economical price.


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