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Leather Crafting - 61891-01

One of the best books to purchase for beginners as it covers a range of subjects including the history of leather, leather definitions, preparation of leather, stamping, swivel knife tips. Also included are sections on leather dyes and stains as well as lacing and stitching.


Leatherwork Manual - 61891-00

This book covers everything the "Leather Crafting" book does with the addition of information on leather cutting, setting snaps, using chisels and other tips. It also includes complete patterns and instructions to make a key case, billfold wallet and handbag.


Figure Carving - 6045-00

Teaches you how to carve fish, horses, birds and many other animals. Designs by Al Stohlman.


Craftool Tech-Tips - 66056-00

This manual was created with beginner and intermediate leatherworkers in mind. It shows you the tools and techniques for tooling and stamping leather,


Figure Carving Finesse - 61951-00

Explained to you in text and carving illustrations the fine details of carving including eyelashes raindrops, skin textures and almost anything else you may need to know.


Leathercraft Tools - 61960-00

This complete guide helps you with proper selection, use and care of your tools. Also contains tips for sharpening knives, punches, chisels and many more tools.


Belts Galore - 6039-00

This book for making belts contains detailed photos, illustrations, tracing and carving patterns with over 70 designs.



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