Chisels and Punches

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Diamond Hole Chisel Set - 3009-00

Diamond Hole Chisel Set - 3009-00

This Chisel set comes with handle and 10 interchangeable tips including 3 x 2mm tips, 3 x 3mm tips and 3 x 4mm tips and a single punch. Beautifully finished with a black electrophoresis finish to prevent wear and corrosion.

A great set to ensure you punch perfect holes every time.

Pro Line Chisels

Made from 41xx steel, these Chisels have amazing strength. Finished with a black electrophoresis finish they are resistant to corrosion and have a longer wear resistance. These Chisels are available in straight or diamond and come in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm spacing.

1-Prong 2mm 88040-01
4-Prong 2mm 88040-04
8-Prong 2mm 88040-08
4-Prong Angle 2mm 88040-14
1-Prong 3mm 88041-01
4-Prong 3mm 88041-04
8-Prong 3mm 88041-08
4-Prong Angle 3mm 88041-14
1-Prong 4mm 88042-01
3-Prong Angle 4mm 88042-13

Diamond Stitching Chisels

1-Prong 2mm 88043-00
2-Prong 2mm 88044-02
4-Prong 2mm 88044-04
6-Prong 2mm 88044-06
2-Prong 3mm 88045-02
4-Prong 3mm 88045-04
6-Prong 3mm 88045-06
2-Prong 4mm 88046-02
4-Prong 4mm 88046-04
6-Prong 4mm 88046-06

Rotary Punches

Pro Rotary Punch 3230-00
Deluxe Rotary Punch 3240-00
Economy Rotary Punch 3220-00

Replacement tubes also available for Rotary Punches


MINI PUNCH SET - 3003-00

The Mini Punch Set has a chrome plated steel handle and punches holes in diameter of 1.9mm, 2.3mm, 3.1mm, 3.5mm, 3.9mm and 4.3mm. Replacement tubes also available.


MAXI PUNCH SET - 3004-00

Made with a chrome plated steel handle for strength and punches holes in diameter of 4.7mm, 5.1mm, 5.5mm, 6.3mm, 6.7mm and 7.9mm. Replacement tubes also available.



Round Hole Drive Punches - 3777-

These are heavy duty punches with extra long handles for a more secure grip. They also automatically clean the punched leather through the side of the barrel. Sold individually the sizes available are 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.3mm, 3.1mm, 3.9mm, 4.7mm, 5.1mm, 6.3mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm.


Pointed Strap End Punches - 3150 and Round Strap End Punches - 3151

These strap end punches are hand made from industrial strength steel in the US and will give you a perfect cut every time and a very professional finish to any belt or strap. Available in widths of 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2".


Strip and Strap Cutter - 3080-00

Professionally designed tool for cutting strips up to 4" wide. Two cross bars firmly hold any weight leather for perfect cuts every tie. One blade included and replacement blades are available.



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