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Leathercraft Kits

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Shaping Little Animal Doggie 7X7cm 1 Piece
7cm × 7cm
1 Piece
Shaping Little Animal Mouse 7X7cm 1 Piece
7cm × 7cm
1 Piece
Shaping Little Animal Rabbit 7X7cm 1 Piece
7cm × 7cm
1 Piece
Shaping Little Animal Civet Cat 6.9X6.3cm 1 Piece
Civet Cat
1 Piece

Purse and Wallet Kits

Woven Square Wallet Natural 9X8X2cm
Woven Square Wallet
9cm × 8cm × 2cm
Woven Wallet Natural 9X8X2cm
Woven Wallet
9cm × 8cm × 2cm
Minimalist Compact Wallet 21.5X7.8cm
Minimalist Compact Wallet
21.5cm × 7.8cm

French Style Wallet Natural 20X10cm
French Style Wallet
20cm × 10cm
Hand-Sewing Short Wallet 24X9cm
Hand-Sewing Short Wallet
24cm × 9cm 

Hand-Sewing Long Wallet 19.8X18.6cm
Hand-Sewing Long Wallet
19.8cm × 18.6cm 

Hand-Sewing Multi-Layers Wallet 19.5X9X2cm
Hand-Sewing Multi-Layers Wallet
19.5cm × 9cm × 2cm 

Woven Zipper Wallet Natural 10.5X6.5X1.8cm
Woven Zipper Wallet
10.5cm × 6.5cm × 1.8cm 
Pear-Shaped Coin Pouch NaturalTanBlackBrown 10X9cm
Pear-Shaped Coin Pouch
Natural, Tan, Black or Brown
10cm × 9cm 
U-Shaped Coin Pouch BlackBrown 15X7.5cm
U-Shaped Coin Pouch
Black or Brown
15cm × 7.5cm

Leather Bag Kits

Leather Flap Bag Kit 27x22x11cm
Flap Bag 
27cm × 22cm × 11cm
Amber Satchel Natural 18X13.6X6cm
Mini Satchel Bag
18cm × 13.6cm × 6cm 
Amber School Bag(Middle) Natural 25X16X7cm
Amber Satchel Bag
25cm × 16cm × 7cm 
INDIAN Crossbody Bag (25X18X6cm)

Crossbody Bag
25cm x 18cm x 6cm

Leather Tote Bag Kit 38X26X8cm
Tote Bag
38cm × 26cm × 8cm 

Assorted Kits

Key Ring Leather Piece Drop 4.5cm 10 Pieces
Drop-Shaped Keyring
10 Pieces 
Out of Stock
Simplism Notebook Cover BrownBlackNatural14X11X2cm
Simplism Notebook Cover
Black, Brown or Natural
14cm × 11cm × 2cm
Snap Pen Case 21X15cm
Snap Pen Case
21cm × 15cm 

Pen Pouch Natural 18X8.5cm
Pen Pouch
18cm × 8.5cm
Simplism Squared Pouch Natural 6.5X6.5cm Natural, Tan, Brown, Black
Simplism Squared Pouch
Natural, Tan, Black or Brown
6.5cm × 6.5cm 
Leather Strap Natural 2X65cm 2 Pieces
Leather Strap
65cm × 2.5cm (2 Pieces)
Snap Shell Pouch 12.5X8cm
Snap Shell Pouch
12.5cm × 8cm

Simplism Pen Case Natural 20X7cm
Simplism Pen Case
20cm × 7cm

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