D.S.Horne: Retail and Wholesale Leather Sales in Adelaide South Australia

Icelandic Quads

Our Icelandic Quads consist of four premium Icelandic sheepskins stitched together to create a magnificent rug that's perfect to cover any floor surface.  They are approximately 1.80m × 1.20m in size.

If you wish to purchase one of our Icelandic Quads:

  • Visit us in store
  • Contact us on (08) 8261 7377
  • email us via info@dshorne.com.au 
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#1 DYED GREY $495.00 Inc. GST

#3 RED/BROWN $695.00 Inc. GST

#5 DYED GREY $495.00 Inc. GST

#6 NATURAL WHITE $495.00 Inc. GST

#7 DYED GREY $495.00 Inc. GST



Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash

Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash
500ml - $12.25 inc. GST

Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash is based on tanning technology to safely wash sheepskin without damage to the leather. Woolskin contains a blend of tea tree and lemon myrtle oils which have been proven effective against dust mite and pet allergen. Woolskin is ideal for wool and natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair and wool/possum blends and has been found to reduce the 'prickle' in coarser wools and wet wool smell. Woolskin can be used as a general laundry detergent for sensitive skin. Woolskin meets the high standard of Merinomark.