D.S Horne: Retail and Wholesale Leather Sales in Adelaide South Australia


D.S.Horne is an Authorised Dealer of
Tandy Leather Factory 
INDIAN DIY Leathercraft 

D.S.Horne offers a complete range of premium Japanese made tools and hardware along with a select range of Tandy Leather Factory products.
Please contact us for further information and pricing for our entire range by phone, 08 8261 7377, or through our contact page.
Stitching Supplies
Needles, Chisels, Awls, Hand Stitching Tools

Leathercraft Thread
Lightweight and Heavy Threads for Leathercraft

Lacing Supplies
Kangaroo Lacing, Greek Round Lacing, Flat Chisels, Lace Cutters
Belts and Blanks
Vegetable Tanned and Coloured Belt Blanks, Finished Belt Blanks and Buffalo Belts
Belt Buckles
Watchband Buckles, Center Bar Buckles, Heel Bar Buckles, Roller Buckles and More!
Bag Clasps, Trigger Snaps, Round Rings, D-Rings, Bag Rigging, Zippers and More!
Dyes, Finishes and Adhesives
Dyes, Applicators, Finishes, Adhesives, Conditioners, Cleaners
Leathercraft Kits
Kits for Making Keyrings, Bags, Wallets, Purses, Animals
Flat Rivets, Pyramid Rivets, Press Snaps, Spring Snaps, Eyelets, Button Studs, Screw Posts
Hand Tools
Hole Punches, Skiving, Bevelling

Tooling and Embossing
Measuring Tools, Working Surfaces, Modelling Tools, Foils, Stamp Sets
Stamp Tools
View our large gallery of stamp tools