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D.S.Horne specialise in the procurement and co-ordinating delivery of leathers for large Australian manufacturers making either locally or offshore.


Over the years our company has built up a reputation for knowing 'where to go' for whatever leather is needed and is proud to have as part of our range the following leather types:

  • Full Grains from 0.7 - 2.4mm 
  • Corrected Grain from 1.2 - 2.2mm
  • Special Full Grains like oiled, pull up or printed.
  • Buffalo upper or belt leathers. 
  • Technical Full Grains, like fire resistant, waterproof and gore-tex (caustic tests pending)
  • Lining leather - Cow Goat or Pig
  • Garment leathers - Sheep or Cow nappa, suede / nubuck from sheep, goat or pig. 
  • Motor cycle leather in black and colours.
  • Vegetable tanned leathers - shoulders, butts or bends.
  • Shoe Uppers or Fully Made Boots & Shoes


All are part of our offering at DS Horne, and all are offered at prices which are aimed at keeping our local clients and or potential clients profitable and competitive, in what is a truly competitive global market.

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D.S. Horne Pty Ltd, 113 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens South Australia 5086

+61 8 82617377 

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