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Horne's Practical Tanning Kits

From our extensive background in the tanning industry we have developed our range of Horne's Practical Tanning Kits. After 45 years of commercial tanning we have developed two simple processes for the home tanner after taking into consideration the facilities and equipment that should be readily available.

The Green Pack is for all fur, wool or hair on skins.

The Brown Pack is for leather tanning (hair/fur removed).

There are two sizes of kits, the Mini Kit for small quantities & the Commercial Kit for Tanning large numbers at a more economical cost. It is important to nominate the size & colour of the Kit required when ordering.

To order please email us through our Contact Us page or phone us on 08 82617377.




Important safety information about using Horne's Tanning Kits

If you wish to purchase one of our Tanning Kits:

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 For leather tanning only. 

Contains: Bark tan extract, aluminium sulphate and instructions - illustrated, simple to follow, from salting to finishing.

It is advised that our commercial fatliquor is also purchased with this kit for finishing the leather. 

$77.60 (incl GST)



For all Wool, Fur or Hair on Hides and Skins - tans up to 12 small calf skins.

Contains: Flesh Scraper - for easy and thorough removal of flesh. Tanning Chemicals - for superior results. Fatliquor - a carefully balanced formula arrived at after 45 years of practical tanning. Instructions - illustrated, simple to follow right from salting to finishing.

$87.45 (incl GST)


GREEN Pack Mini - Kit

If you only want to tan up to 4 small type skins, this is for you.

Contains: Fatliquor, chromium sulphate, aluminium sulphate and flesh scraper.

$59.10 (incl GST)


GREEN Chemical Replacement Kit

Following the initial use of the Horne’s Green Pack  -   Commercial Kit or the Horne’s Green Pack -  Mini Kit,  this pack contains both of the chemicals needed in the Green tanning process.

$38.45 (inc GST)


Horne's Commercial Fatliquor

Only the best oils and additives used. Balanced and formulated after 45 years of practical tanning. Suitable for "Green" and "Brown" packs.

$35.95 (incl GST)


Fleshing Scraper


This flesh scraper has a custom cut blade that is a smaller handheld version of what is used in Industrial tanneries across the world to remove the flesh membranes from the skins that are being tanned.

$25.75 (inc GST)


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