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Cow Hide Rugs

Here are some points to consider when selecting a Cow Hide Rug.

  • We have set up categories to help you select a type and colour.
  • An average hide can be around 2.0 metres wide x 2.0 metres long. It is best if the hide has some area around it so it makes its own "statement" in the room. 
  • Please check the area your hide will be in to ensure you help us pick the right size hide for you.
  • We will, on receiving your preferred colour, type and size endeavour to select a few hides. We will then email you the photos including the price and size for you to consider.
  • Delivery is FREE to ALL parts of Australia.
  • Our hides average around $350-400, however some smaller ones are closer to $250 whilst other very large special hides (Gris & White) will be higher in price.

The hides we currently have are simply superb and we are sure you will not be disappointed.




Black and White






Salt & Pepper Black


Salt and Pepper Brown/Tri


Medium Exotic


Dark Exotic


Tri- Colour Exotic


Brown and White Special








Zebra Print

Cow Hide Rug Cleaner

Cowhide Rug Cleaner
375ml - $14.50 inc. GST

Cowhide Cleaner is based on a nonionic surfactant that effectively and safely cleans the hair of cowhides & all animal skins. It contains an algaecide & fungicide to prevent and remove mould & mildew. The fresh scent of natural melaleuca oil and lemon myrtle leaves the hide with a fresh clean smell

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