Cow Suede

Cow Suede Splits - Single Butts

$2.60 inc GST per SQFT. Average 6 - 10 SQFT per piece
Limited Colours - Run out stock


Velour Cow Suede - Double Butts

$3.30 per SQFT - Average 18 - 22 SQFT per Piece
Assorted Colours (Pictured Above)

Being a thicker suede than the Pig Suede it is a tougher wearing leather. Perfect for such things as chaps, bags, garments and moccasins to name a few.

Please contact us if you would like some samples sent to you.


HEAVY Black Cow Suede

$5.32 inc. GST per SQFT - AVG 18 - 22 SQFT per skin
A heavy suede option perfect for work aprons and hard wearing bags and work gear.
~2.0 - 2.2mm

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