Leatherworking Pattern Books & Craft Aids

Pattern Packs

Vest Pattern Pack - 6001-00

Western and traditional styles in adult sizes small, medium and large.

Children's traditional style in small, medium and large.


Chap Pattern Pack - 6023-00

Make your own pair of chaps for ranch, rodeo or biking. Patterns include batwing, shotgun and chinks.



Moccasin Pattern Pack - 62668-00

This pack features full size cutting patterns. Makes Fringed Boot in sizes 5 to 11 and Scout Moccasin in sizes 4 to 11.




These clear templates with raised ridges allow you to reproduce carving patterns as they were originally drawn by the artist. Below are a few examples of templates we stock.

Alphabet 72018-00
Assorted Corners 76560-00
Flowers #2 76619-00
Leaves and Horse 76580-00
Floral Belts #2 76623-00
Leaves #1 76620-00

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