Lambskin Rugs, Baby Care Rugs and Medical Care Rugs

We now have instore a new range of Lambskin rugs. Our range includes rugs ideal for your baby as they are naturally flame retardant, moisture absorbing and breathable. Perfect for the cot, bassinet, playpen or highchair.

Also a new addition to our range are the "Medical" Lambskin rugs. Having a higher density wool and larger in size makes them ideal for in bed for pressure relief, in a wheelchair or any other chair for more comfort.


Both of these Lambskin rugs are 100% pure wool and fully machine washable making them very easy to care for.


Babycare Lambskin Rug $73.40
Adult Medical Lambskin Rug $118.98

Australian White Extra Large Lambskins

Approx 120cm long $81.85 (inc GST)

Shorter Hair Lambskins


We also have shorter hair Lambskins available which are ideal for car seat covers, camping chairs, dog beds and lining saddles. These are available in cream and dark grey with prices starting from $50.


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