Icelandic Cushions & Bean Bags

*Just Arrived!*

We have just received our first lot of Icelandic Cushions in various colours. They have the luxurious long wool on both sides & are zippered so you can easily fill with a standard sized cushion insert. The size of the cushions are 38cm x 38cm (inside) or approx 50cm x 50cm allowing for the wool length. They are available in limited numbers currently but more stocks will be arriving in the coming months. They are priced at $115.00 each.


We have also received our first Icelandic Bean Bag! This fantastic creation looks amazing & feels even better to sit in. These will be available in a range of colours which mirror our Icelandic Skin range so if you are interested please contact us with the style you might like. The price of Bean Bags will be dependent on the type chosen with the current Spotted one $445.00. Check back for stocking updates.


Spotted Cushions $115.00
Spotted Cushions $115.00
Spotted Cushions $115.00
Dyed Silver Cushions $115.00
Natural White Cushions $115.00
Black/Brown Cushions $115.00

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